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What is a Police Officer?


A police officer is a son, a daughter, sister or brother, husband wife, aunt, uncle, father or mother.

A police officer is an ordinary person like you and me but must act in situations of stress for all to see.

They are your neighbors you'll wave at tomorrow and later hear of their brave deeds and handling of sorrow.

Their job is to be a diplomat, psychologist, a friend an inspiration to the young, a symbol of law not to bend.

They stand between the law abiders and the law breakers a visible presence of sanity in this society of law

A police officer stands ready to challenge a mob to rescue a little lost child, and say, "its all in the job."

The camaraderie they share is strong with no bounds, the words they fear most is, "an officer is down."

They live with crying, laughter, calmness and strife, enjoy a cup of coffee, a donut...they enjoy life.

Thank God for all the children so honest, who said, "I want to be a cop," and kept their promise.

-- Ronald L. Knox

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