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The Police Officer

I wish I could take back some of the things that being an officer in this town brings.
I never imagined this world was so cruel.
I pinned on my badge and was a different fool.
It doesn't protect you but makes you aware of how hard you work and how little they care.
You're doing your best to protect everyone you become a target because of your gun.
I can't count the times I've heard someone say
Cops never grow up, they just like to play.
I only wish these "games" weren't for real.
They are often deadly and the wrong move kills.
I get out everyday and have loads of fun.
Wouldn't you, looking down the wrong end of a gun?
Or fighting a kid gone wild on PCP?
How many of you would trade places with me?
Or stand up beside me when I arrest your kid?
Who spits on me and claws me for something he did?
Or stand up in front of a partying crowd and tell them that they're being entirely to loud?
Or write a ticket to your pastors mother and that DUI was your best friends brother?
How would you handle a kid smoking dope who say she does it because he just can't cope?
Could you be the one to tell a mother her son just died at the hands of another?
Or arrive on the scene of a two car wreck where an infant just died from a broken neck?
Or walk in a house that you live beside and discover a head blow off in suicide?
Not me, you say, then tell me just who will do a job you don't care to do?
It isn't all bad, Thank God it's true a few of them say, "Officer, thank you.
In my heart I know I'd rather be doing this by far.
It's not what you do, it's just who you are!

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