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When this day shall end,
Will I see my love again?

To feel once more his warm embrace,
See love reflected in his face.

Touch the softness of his cheek,
Hear the sound of his words so sweet.

And will he, when he comes again,
Into our family, heal and mend.

Forget the pain of the night before.
When he passes through our door.

Screams of pain, cries of grief
A stabbing or a shooting spree.

Close the door on all of that.
Deftly don his husband hat.

Mow the lawn, take out the trash,
Put Desitin on the baby's rash.

How trivial my cares must seem
In light of all these other things.

And yet I love, I hurt, I feel,
As my tears of worry may reveal.

I pray each night that when I wake
His soul I'll find God did not take.

Another chance afforded me
To love and honor faithfully.

Keep our hopes and dreams alive
My heart, my joy, my paradise.

a poem written by Nancy Ford (founder of Partners Off Duty, an
organization dedicated to the interests of the families, friends, and
loved ones of peace officers)