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Welcome to The Official Nasty Boyz Webring homepage. The Official Nasty Boyz Webring was started on 27 June 1999 to help promote law enforcement web sites on the internet. It is for anyone who is either a member of the law enforcement community or who has a page that is law enforcement related.

Requirements to join The Official Nasty Boyz Webring

Your page must:
1.) Be law enforcement related.
2.) Have sufficient depth of content.
3.)Be a personal or department page. (No commercial pages, please.)
4.)Include the required ring HTML code and graphics. The HTML code can be on another page (for example: a links page) so long as it is easy to find and when someone links to your page, they are linked to the main page. (put your main page URL in the URL field of the submit form.)

If you meet the requirements listed above, you may join the ring by filling out the form on the bottom of this page. Once you have added yourself to the queue, you will be sent an e-mail with the HTML code that you will need to add to your page. You will need to cut and paste this code into your page. You will also need to download the two graphics that are displayed in the ring graphic at the bottom of this page. ( The left-hand graphic must be saved as swat_l.jpg. The right-hand graphic must be saved as swat_r.jpg) Once the HTML code and graphics have been added to your page and I have viewed it and approved it, I will then activate your ID number. (I will try to activate your site within a week from the date that you submit.) If you have any problems, e-mail me and I will do my best to assist you.

How is the ring integrity ensured?
The people over at Webring have a utility to let the administrator test the ring. This utility checks all member's pages to make sure that they are still up and contain the required ring HTML code. If any page is found lacking the proper HTML code, the webmaster will be e-mailed and notified that they have 96 hours to correct the problem or the page will be removed. Once a page is removed from the ring, it will have to be re-submitted in order to be put back into the ring. I don't mean to sound harsh, but this is necessary to ensure that the ring can be easily surfed.

Click here to visit the ringmaster's homepage

This is how the correct Webring HTML code should look.

This Official Nasty Boyz Webring site owned by Russell Brown.

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