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E.P.D. "Nasty Boyz"

In 1991, a group of dedicated, courageous officers volunteered for a trial permanent midnight shift. Those officers became known as the "Nasty Boyz". We were not only co-workers, but a very close knit group of friends. The group has since "split up". Some officers went to other shifts or bureaus, and others have left the police department. But neither time, nor distance will ever split up the "Nasty Boyz".

Nasty Boyz Roll - Call

Lt. D. Mangas ( The Original "Nasty LT." )

Lt. T. Gallivan

Sgt. C. Wernick

Sgt. L. Black

Sgt. R. McCarthy


R. Brown E. Morales
S. Carter R. Mayer
L. Curtiss T. Moore
J. Elliot R. Napier
M. Grove V. Puscas
M. Foley A. Perley
P. Gonzalez-Guerra R. Strada
M. Keefe R. Solava
B. Males ( Weidlin ) R. Reid

    The " Perl " and " Uncle Fester "

   A Nasty Boyz " Beach Patrol "

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