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This is me on "my" '96 Harley Road King ... Tough job, huh?


My Name is Russell Brown. I am thirty nine years old, and a police officer in Evanston, Illinois. I have been a police officer since 1985. From '85 to '90, I worked for the Kenilworth Police Department. From '90 till present, I have worked for the Evanston Police Department. I am currently assigned to the Traffic Management Bureau.

Our unit is responsible for traffic control, major accident investigation, hit and run accident investigation, enforcement of traffic laws, DUI enforcement, traffic management for major functions, and abandoned autos. A Lieutenant supervises the traffic bureau, and there are nine officers assigned to the unit.

Weather permitting, we ride our motors as much as possible. As someone once said," The worst day on a police motorcycle beats the best day in a squad car!"

I have been very fortunate in getting to go to training schools, paid for by my department. I am an Accident Reconstructionist, a FTO, an Evidence Technician, a Breath Operator, and a Community Oriented Policing Specialist. I am also currently assigned to the N.I.P.A.S. (Northern Illinois Police Alarm System) Mobile Field Force, which is available for major disturbances anywhere in Northern Illinois.

Off Duty, I enjoy riding my other motor, a '96 Honda Shadow ACE, smoking good cigars, collecting police patches, hats, and other memorabilia, computers, and traveling (especially Europe!!! ).

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